What Are You Putting Off?

By February 24, 2010Uncategorized

Imagine the perfect dinner party. The table is beautifully set with gorgeous flowers, twinkling candle light, and it is loaded with delicious food paired with fabulous wines. Your favourite dinner music is playing and your closest friends will be there.  But wait!  You can’t possibly have that dinner party! Your house is a mess, it’s a bit cramped, the kids are noisy, you’re not a gourmet cook, and it will cost so much!  Better wait until everything is perfect…

Or maybe you’re a new skier.  You’re dying to get out there to try out your brand new skis.  But, maybe not today…  The weather doesn’t look great, the slopes might be icy, and all you have to wear is an old ski suit from years ago.  Better not go.  Maybe you should wait until the time is just right!

And what if the scenario is more serious?  You desperately want to apply for a new position in your company that offers greater seniority and responsibility.  But, you’re in the middle of a large project, you know there are some other highly qualified applicants, and you aren’t sure that the boss knows all that you’re capable of.  So, better wait until your chances are better.  This might not be the perfect moment.

Sitting on the sidelines, deliberating, waiting for the perfect moment, and worrying about how things will turn out prevents us from getting what we want in our lives.  Without a doubt, it is difficult to start down a new road when that which lies ahead isn’t clear.  Fear of failure, making mistakes, or looking foolish can stop us in our tracks.  What we fail to recognize is that making mistakes is often a part of the learning process.

So what are the consequences of waiting for the perfect time, or getting bogged down in the “getting ready” for action?  Ultimately, it could mean that what we really want in life will always remain out of reach.
Nothing will happen without taking action.  Those who end up achieving their goals are the ones who make a plan, get in the game, and do what needs to be done.  Just get started, assess how it feels, and begin creating momentum in the direction you are headed.  Once we start down the road we will receive feedback, which can help us correct our course and allows us to learn from experience.  Every experience provides us with information from which to learn.  Make mistakes, learn, make corrections, and eventually get to the result you want.

While planning has it’s place, it must be kept in perspective. We must be willing to start, even when we’re not sure where the path leads, or how it might unfold.  A willingness to explore uncharted territory, will require us to resist excessive planning and take a risk.

The perfect moment when the stars line up, and everything is in order, is a rare occurrence indeed.  Waiting for life to get perfect will only lead to missed opportunities.  However, taking a risk despite any imperfections that may be present doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.  But it does offer an opportunity.  Waiting for the perfect scenario where there are no complicating factors will only ensure that it will never happen.  So stop putting your life on hold, it just might pass you by.  It is far more likely that we will regret the thing that we didn’t do,  rather than the one we did.

What are you putting off?