Wellness Coaching

As a wellness coach, my mission is to help people establish healthier lifestyles.  Most people don’t need more advice about diets, vitamins and exercise programs.  Instead, the focus is on helping people make lasting changes in their mindset and behavior that will support their long-term health goals.

The pursuit of wellness has many rewards.  A life of wellness can reduce medical claims, decrease stress, improve performance, improve morale and reduce absenteeism in the workplace.  On a more personal level you will feel better, have more energy, become stronger and experience enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

The shift to a wellness mindset, like any change, can be difficult.  Coaching addresses the following questions:

  • What keeps us from doing what we need to do to be healthy?
  • What makes change so hard, even when our lives depend upon it?

Change begins when you recognize that you are the author of your own life story.  We will look at the assumptions and beliefs under which you might be operating and consider alternate possibilities.  Together, we will work hard to visualize, write and live into your new healthy storyline.